After 18 events throughout the year the winners of the UK Masters Cup have been announced. Top ten places were achieved by several club members from their best 8 results of the 18 competitions.

Congratulations to the overall winner of the W65 category Sheila Carey who scored 475 points, in the same category Sue Bicknell came 8th with 320 points and Karin Kirk 10th with 285 points. Hilary Simpson was joint 2nd in the W70 category earning 424 points as was Anne Straube in the W35 category earning 460 points and Liz Phillips was 6th 346 points and Lesley Ross 9th 327 points in the W45 age category.

In the men’s competition Mike Hampton was the club’s top man coming 2nd in the M65 category with 454 points with Pete Carey 9th on 334 points. Trevor Simpson came 5th with 366 points in the M70 category and Chris McCartney 8th in the M40 category with 319.5 points.

At the Southern Night Championships on Saturday Anne Straube was the top W35 on the Blue 6.3k course running round in 64.37mins. Matt Elkington was second placed M18 to completing the 7.6k Short Brown course in 58.40mins. On the Orange 2.28k course Aimee Morse W16 came in 2nd in 21.51mins.

On Sunday at the Interland selection race held at Esher and Oxshott Commons, Surrey, and looking for England representation were Harrison McCartney M14 who came 3rd on the Blue 7.2k course in 46.00mins,his sister Ella-Rose McCartney W12 3rd on the Orange course in 30.34mins, Aimee Morse W16 6th on the Green 4.8k course in 41.42mins and Anne Straube top W35 on the Short Brown 8.4k course taking 66.04mins.

Sunday’s Club Championships at Itchington Holt were well attended by club members. Club Trophies and handicap prizes will be announced and presented at the Christmas party on Wednesday 19 December. Club member course winners were: Yellow with 12 controls – 1st Alfie Bullus M12 19.01mins, 2nd Marco Lewis M8 28.06mins, 3rd Matthew Kermode M12 29.38mins. Light Green with 16 controls – 1st Stephen Elkington M16 30.50mins, 2nd Sheila Carey W65 32.06mins, 3rd Rachel Emmerson W16 35.28mins. Green with 18 controls – 1st Mike Hampton M65 34.24mins, 2nd Bob Brandon M60 34.42mins, 3rd Dave Marr M60 35.32mins. Blue with 20 controls – 1st Tom Jeffries M40 33.31mins, 2nd Thomas Honniball M21 40.02mins, 3rd Aleksandrs Ivanovs M21 41.31mins.

4th December 2012

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