Mark Beverley organised three courses around Hay Wood, Baddesley Clinton. The terrain proved quite tricky as the undergrowth was very high. On the short Yellow 2.2k course Will Heaton M14 came first in 23.28mins closely followed by Matthew Kermode M12 in 23.36mins and E Maurel M10 3rd in 25.37mins.

On the medium length Green 3.7k course Pete Carey M65 was well ahead in 40.57mins of J Pearson M60 47.17mins and C. Nelson M60 47.45mins both visitors from Harlequins club. 26 people tackled the long 4.2k Blue course and Will Gardner M20 came in first in 32.14mins, Chris McCartney M40 2nd in 33.56mins and M. Skinner M45 a visitor from West Cumberland OC 3rd in 40.17mins.

14th August 2012

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