Autumn / Winter Series 2020-21

The majority of the Autumn / Winter Series will be on areas not previously used for orienteering - or not used for a very long time!

New courses will be available on a monthly basis over the Autumn / Winter period with the 3 Hawkesbury courses and the 5 Rugby courses available now.

To download any of these OD MapRun course in MapRunF, tap Select Event, scoll down to the UK, select Coventry and Warwickshire and then Autumn Winter Series 2020-21 and tap on the course that you want to download.

To get a pdf map to print out you will need to contact the club by emailing:

MapRun course name Length / climb / controls Minimum distance PIN
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Short 3.9km / 30m / 20 controls - 9231
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Medium 5.6km / 50m / 28 controls    - 2901
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Long     8.5km / 80m / 41 controls - 9014
OD WMR2 RugbySW Junior U16 2.3km / 18m / 17 controls   2.6km No PIN
OD WMR2 RugbySW VShort 2.1km / 34m / 12 controls 2.9km 8303
OD WMR2 RugbySW Short v2 3.2km / 52m / 16 controls 4.2km 7126
OD WMR2 RugbySW Medium v2 4.2km / 56m / 17 controls 5.9km 8472
OD WMR2 RugbySW Long 5.2km / 78m  / 25 controls 7.9km 9761

More courses to follow over the winter... Don't forget that most Summer Series courses are still available.