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Yvette Baker Trophy final 2012

On Sunday a coach of OD juniors had an early start to travel to Collingbourne Woods for the Yvette Baker Trophy final, hosted by Sarum. We finished 2nd last year and had won the previous 4 years so expectations were high. The forest had good visibility and was mostly very runnable except for large areas of brambles so there were some very fast times. OD won 3 out of the 8 classes with Ella-Rose McCartney winning the Orange women, Harrison McCartney winning the Light green men and Julie Emmerson winning the Green women. Aimee Morse and Stephen Elkington also achieved podium positions, finishing 3rd on the Green women and Light green men respectively while Matt Elkington finished 5th on the Green men and Fran Slade was 5th on the Orange women. Other high scorers were Rachel Johnson, Patrick Roddy, Hamish Rogers and Alfie Bullus. These brilliant results projected OD into 2nd place behind a very strong Bristol team. This was our 7th consecutive top 2 finish!  We had enough runners to form another team and they finished a solid 11th place, just ahead of Bristol’s 2nd team. Well done to all the juniors that competed. We must also thanks all the adults that came along to help, especially Debbie for providing us all with crisps, biscuits and drinks on the journey home!

Julie Emmerson, OD Junior Rep

PS Thanks for all the emails of congratulations that have come in, especially those from our past and present coaches; Peter Guillaume, Graham Gristwood and Iain Embrey!


OD Junior Rep 2012 - 2013

Congratulations to Julie Emmerson who has taken over as Junior Rep for 21012 - 2013.  Part of her role is to provide a channel of communication between club juniors and the OD Committee.  Any juniors who would like to contribute to, or find out more about the club are welcome to contact Julie.   She can be reached at



Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier 2012

OD juniors produced a comprehensive win in the YBT Qualifier today, scoring 897 points out of a maximum score of 899.  This stems from winning 6 of the 8 classes on offer and having an abundance of second places (plus a whole lot of other good results). Each class winner scores 100 points with 99 for 2nd place, 98 for 3rd etc.  The top nine OD scores summed to 6@100 + 3@99 = 897.  

Here are the results summary from the OD website:






Light Green






398 (4)

299 (3)

100 (1)

100 (1)





98 (1)

396 (3)

395 (4)


Our 100 point scorers were:
Alfie Bullus (Y), Francesca Slade (O), Harrison McCartney (Lt. G), Heather Rogers (Lt. G), Aimee Morse (G) and Matthew Elkington (G)

Our 99 point scorers were:
Daniel Kotecky (Lt. G), Rachel Johnson (G) and Stephen Elkington (G).

Thank you to all juniors (and their parents) who came today and ran for the club, let's hope we can see you at the up and coming final in December.

For full qualifying results, please click on the following link

Please do check if you can come to the YBT final on Sunday 9th December and let me know as soon as possible, at More details will be issued nearer the time.

Details for this final will appear on the following website soon………

What is the Yvette Baker Trophy?

The Yvette Baker Trophy is the premier Junior Inter-Club competition for English and Welsh clubs. It is named after Britain's first World Orienteering Champion, who won Gold in the Short Distance event in Scotland in 1999.  The event, held annually in the autumn, is aimed at club teams of junior orienteers (M/W18 or under) of all standards competing on a mixture of Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green standard courses.  The full set of event rules can be found on the British Orienteering website by following this link:

Debbie Morse, OD Junior Squad Coordinator


OD Junior Reps

Congratulations to Emma Kettley and Matthew Elkington who have been appointed as OD Junior Reps up to September 2012.  They are "in post" to act as a focal point for club juniors; for information and advice, and also to represent junior interests to the OD club committee.  They are very approachable so please engage with them both socially and on any club related issues.

Applications are currently being invited for the Junior Rep post(s) for season 2012 -13.  If interested please speak to Matt or Emma for more information and apply to Andy or Bob Brandon by email before the upcoming OD AGM.



This is being staged by OD at Oakley Wood and Ashorne Hill near Warwick on Sunday 21st October 2012. 

We have a great tradition in this competition, having won it 4 years in a row and we haven't been outside the top 2 for many years.  We should be able to mount a strong challenge again this year but of course we need to win the qualifying event to be sure of making the final on Sunday 9th December (to be staged by SARUM). 

For those who do not know, the YBT is the premier junior inter-club competition for English and Welsh clubs and is aimed at juniors (M/W10 to 18) of all standards.  Courses from Yellow to Green technical difficulty are on offer.  Experienced juniors must run their appointed colour but less experienced juniors can run on a less technical course.  The club that wins needs a mix of both experienced and inexperienced runners to achieve the coverage necessary and therefore this is a great competition for juniors of all abilities to take part in.  

Thanks to everyone who has signed up already.  Would any other juniors who can represent the club email me now please to confirm their intention to run.  Please note that junior entries must be made through the club captain, entering the YBT individually on the day is not an option!

The competition rules can be found on the British Orienteering website. I will use them to determine the colour standard each junior can run and advise juniors accordingly.  I have to get this right as the penalty for running a junior ineligibly is team disqualification.

Please let me know ASAP if you can run for the club.  We need everyone who is available to run to maximise our chances of reaching the final so come along and be part of the team.




The 2012 Peter Palmer Relays



I am very happy to report that both OD teams successfully completed the Peter Palmer Relay today.  My number one hope each year is that our teams complete their courses without disqualification, and credit to everyone who contributed to this achievement.  I know some used the back-up pin punches and I applaud them for doing so.


The Wizards of OD finished in second place which greatly exceeded my expectation and as only Paddy will be too old next year it means we should be in the mix again then.  Looking further ahead the nucleus of this team is in place for the next 3 years but we shall need replacements as our established juniors hit M/W20 and so there is a need and an opportunity for others to take their places.  In particular we shall need juniors who are willing to run in the dark (for both teams).


The OD Owls also completed their course successfully and I was encouraged by many of their performances.  I hope and expect several of them will progress into the A team in the future.  That of course means we shall need new blood in that team to, so the opportunity is there for club juniors of all abilities to get involved and experience this unique event.  I am not sure of the final position for the OD Owls; the results were not up when I wrote this note but they did finish in a vey respectable position especially considering the average age of the team.


Thanks to all the juniors who ran, the parents who did the driving and especially to Debbie Morse, Julie Rogers and Pauline Kermode for staying over and helping get everyone to the start on time.


Thanks also to those from COBOC, HOC & OD who produced an excellent event.  Without people willing to do this there would be no Peter Palmer Relays which would be a great pity.


There are some prize giving photos on Rob Line website which I expect will be added to later.

Congratulations go to SYO who won both the Peter Palmer Trophy and the Joan George Trophy (with different teams).





The 2012 Peter Palmer Relays - Sutton Park - Embargoed area

The 2012 Peter Palmer Junior Relays will be held in Sutton Park in September.  Any juniors who may want to compete in this event must not orienteer in Sutton Park between now and the date of the event or they will be barred from competing.  This means juniors must not take part in any of the COBOC Sutton Park events, including those recently advertised, nor should they take part in any orienteering events associated with the Round the Park Gates run in June (although they can do the Gates run itself).  If anyone is in any doubt please contact me before setting foot in Sutton Park.



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