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British Schools Orienteering Championships Report

The British Schools Championships took place at Druridge Bay, Northumberland on Sunday 22nd November 2009.  Two large teams from King Henry VIII and Kenilworth School & Sports College travelled up for the weekend and came away with impressive achievements.  The full results can be found at and the official photo gallery at 

In the Whole School categories, KH VIII won the Primary School competition and were third in the Large Secondary School competition.  KS&SC were second in the in the Large Secondary School competition, behind the unassailable Ulverston Victoria High School.

The counters for KH VIII Primary were Jamie Nicolson, Cliona Anson O'Connell, Sophie Oliver and Charlotte Cawley.   

The counters for KS&SC were Hamish Rogers, Heather Rogers, Julie Emmerson, Matt Elkington, Stephen Elkington, Claire Teed, Jake Lambert, Rachel Emmerson and Helen Elkington.           

The counters for  KH VIII Secondary were Harrison McCartney, Sophie Kirk, Harriet Butten, Aimee Morse, Penny Oliver, Lara Semple, Joanna Read , Jack Pegler and Beth Lucas. 

Well done to all and thanks to Ian Lockren (KSSC) and Dave Butler (KH VIII) for making it all happen.  Thanks also to the parents who turned up to help and support all our juniors.



British Schools Score Championships Report

The British Schools Score Championships took place at Hylands Park near Chelmsford, Essex on Saturday 10th October.  The results were dominated by King Henry VIII and Kenilworth School and Sports College. 

Team highlights were:

Primary Girls: 1st KH VIII
Primary Boys: 2nd KH VIII
Lower Secondary Girls: 1st KSSC, 2nd KH VIII
Lower Secondary Boys: 2nd KSSC, 6th KH VIII
Upper Secondary Girls: 1st KH VIII, 4th KSSC
Upper Secondary Boys: 4th KH VIII, 8th KSSC & 10th Alcester Grammar (and that's just Ben & Guy Ross against the world).

Individual wins came from:
Ella-Rose McCartney,  Heather Rogers, Harrison McCartney, Penny Oliver, Julie Emmerson and Sophie Kirk.

In 2nd place were:
Zoe Nicolson, Aimee Morse, Rachel Emmerson and Hamish Rogers.

And in 3rd place were:
Cliona Anson O'Connell, Abigail Weir, Stephen Elkington, Emma Kettley and Harriet Batten.

So a tremendous performance by OD juniors and future OD juniors (we hope).  Well done to all.
And many thanks to David Butler and
Kate Fisher of KH VIII and Ian Lockren of KSSC for mobilising their school squads so effectively.

The full results can be found at:

and some good pictures at:

Remember its the British Schools Orienteering Championships in Northumberland on 22nd November and the Yvette Baker Trophy at Hay Wood, Warwick on 15th November so keep those dates clear!

Andy Emmerson
OD Club Captain

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