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The British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships were held at Milton Keynes and Wendover Woods, near Tring this weekend. Over 50 club members were amongst the 1000 competitors entered and several were rewarded with championships titles and podium places.

British Sprint Championships

Barry Elkington, club chairman, was declared British Champion in his M60 class at the Sprints having come 6th in his heat and going on to win the A Final in the afternoon. The final course was run through Campbell Park and he completed his 2.5km course in 14.18mins just 8 seconds ahead of James Crawford from Guildford. Sheila Carey was crowned W70 Sprint Champion taking 12.20mins on the 1.6km Final over a minute ahead of Hilary Palmer from Nottingham, having also won her 1.8km qualifying heat in 12.25mins. Oliver Lunn qualified for his A M16 Final and came 8th and Mike Hampton M70 came 5th in his A Final.

B Final results included 5th for Max Straube-Roth M10, Felix Lunn M16 2nd, Oliver Flippance M16 4th, Paul Gregson M35 4th, Richard Gardner M60 4th, Bruce Bryant M60 5th, Keith Willdig M65 3rd, Liz Phillips W50 2nd, Margaret Willdig W60 4th, Karin Kirk W70 3rd, and Harriet Lawson Womens Open 4th.

British Middle Distance Championships

There were some great courses planned in the ever popular Wendover Woods in the Chilterns. Congratulations go to champions Anne Straube who won the W40 class in 40.57mins on the 4.5km course and to Lesley Ross who won the W50 class in 37.43mins on the 4.3km course. Also on the podium were Oliver Lunn who took 2nd on the 4.1km course in 28.18mins just 1.26mins behind the winner, Nathan Lawson M20 2nd in 30.57mins on the 4.8km course, Juliette Soulard W45 3rd in 45.20mins on the 4.5km course and Sheila Carey W70 3rd in 30.45mins on the 2.4km course.

Max Straube-Roth was 10th in his M10 class taking 20.07mins on the 1.9km course, as was Alfie Bullus M18 taking 48.44mins on the 4.8km course, Duncan Birtwistle M21 was 6th in 36.29mins on the 5.7km course, Alistair Landels M45 was 4th in 39.15mins on the 5.1km course, Barry Elkington M60 was 5th in 38.25mins on the 4.5km course and Mike Hampton M70 5th in 48.49mins on the 4.3km course,

On the colour coded courses Rob Bambrook was 1st on the 1.9km Orange course in 19.19mins and Mat Bambrook M14 7th in 27.48mins. Adam Landels M8 4th on the White 1.8km course in 21.32mins.

3rd October 2017



At the West Midlands League event staged at Oldacre on Cannock Chase, the great weather encouraged many competitors from all the West Midlands clubs to try to improve their league positions.  Underfoot the dense heather, brambles and gorse made the going pretty tough for runners searching for controls which were fairly well hidden.

David Lawson M50 was 5th, top OD runner on the longest course, Brown 8.4km with 175 metres of climb, and found the 24 controls points in 79.45mins just ahead of David Leadley M50 80.05mins.  On the Blue 5.9km course with 145 metres of climb, 2nd place went to Barry Elkington M60 taking 51.57mins, Andy Emmerson M60 was 5th in 53.18mins just ahead of Tom Jeffries M45 53.46mins. Liz Phillips W50 was 9th, 2nd woman, on the Green 4.4km course in 61.51mins.   Top 10 places were won by Bruce Bryant M60 1st in 37.25mins, 2nd Peter Carey M70 46.27mins and 5th Sheila Carey W70 51.03mins on the Short Green 3.4km course.

Leo Morgado M45 was 4th and Hilary May 6th on the Light Green 3.1km course. Josie Smart W12 was 4th on the 2.9m Orange course taking 40.30mins. The youngest club juniors were: Reuben Jeffries M6 4th, Darcy Dunn W10 7th and Henry Jeffries M10 8th on the Yellow course.

At Kedleston, Derbyshire, Max Straube-Roth M10 was 6th in 26.26mins on the Yellow 2.6km course, Anne Straube W40 was 6th on the Blue 7.6km course in 63.57mins and Mike Hampton M70 was 5th on the Short Green 4.3km course in 41.51mins.

Representing England, Lesley Ross, with her team mates came 4th in the relays in the Veteran Home Internationals event in Scotland this weekend. She was 3rd in the individual race on Sunday, helping England to victory in both the relays and the individual championships. England scored a total of 259 points and second place went to Scotland 240 points.

Lesley’s mother, Hilary Simpson W75 is having some success in her age group competing in the Australian Orienteering Championships, and came 2nd in the Sprint race around Bathurst Campus, New South Wales, on Day 1 of the 6 day Carnival event. Will Gardner M21 is also competing in Australia and came 6th in the middle distance event.

26th Sept 2017