Club News by Karin Kirk

LEAGUE LEADERS AND UK 2018 League Results

Octavian Droobers currently lead the West Midlands League with a score of 2632 points, accumulated after two events and Wrekin Orienteers are  2nd with 2510. Nathan Chapple M16 is currently the individual club leader with 200 points. The 3rd league event takes place this Sunday at Hartshill Hayes Country Park, near Nuneaton.


The club finished 7th in the national 2018 UK Orienteering League scoring 5537 points. The fifteen club members whose runs counted, from their best 12 scores from 24 major national events, were: Anne Straube W40, Juliette Soulard W45, Mike Snell M60, Trevor Simpson M75, Hilary Simpson W75, Lesley Ross W50, Alistair Powell M40, Liz Phillips W50, Oliver Lunn M16, Felix Lunn M16, Nathan Lawson M21, Jill Emmerson W50, Barry Elkington M60, Sheila Carey W70 and Bruce Bryant M60. Anne Straube was the top OD accumulating 544 points individually and was overall the national 1st W40.


Belton and Londonthorpe Woods was the venue for the Lincoln Orienteering Club event this weekend. The open areas and fairly clear woods led to fast running by competitors. Chris McCartney M50 was the fastest club member on the 6.99km course with 150 metres of climb taking 48.43mins to put him in 6th place and Anne Straube W40 was overall the fastest woman taking 55.19mins. On the 5.7km (Blue course) with 125 metres of climb Barry Elkington M60 took 42.05mins to claim 4th place. Janet Richardson W70 was a top ten finisher on the Short Green 3.49km course taking 40.38mins and 8th place. Max Straube-Roth M10 was 4th on the Orange 3.18km course.


Bristol Orienteering Club organised the Stockhill Woods event in the Mendips, which attracted over 300 competitors. Bruce Bryant M60 was 4th on the Green 3.9km course taking 44.35mins.

29th Jan 2019



Congratulations to Octavian Droobers Junior team who this weekend came first in the qualifying round of the national inter club Yvette Baker Trophy. The top 9 scorers at the race held at the PGL Activity Centre, Boreatton Park, near Baschurch, Shropshire. The event was also a West Midlands League event, organised by Wrekin Orienteers, who designed some great courses through the woods, with plenty of climb, and across open fields of the adventure complex.

The top 9 juniors, whose performances counted towards the winning score 895 points were: Eoin Hankinson who scored 100 points for coming 1st in 29.23mins on the 2.8km Orange course, also scoring 100 points were Jacob Oxtoby 1st in 33.27mins on the 3.6km the Light Green course, Isla Prince 1st girl taking 20.59mins on the 2.1km Yellow course, Henry Jeffries 1st in 16.53mins on the Yellow course, Josie Smart 1st W14 girl on the Orange and Felix Lunn 1st in 30.38mins on the Green 4.3km course. Making up the winning total were Oliver Flippance who scored 99, Pippa Smart 98 and Oliver Lunn 98 all running on the Green course.

Senior club members put in some fine running times, earning points for the club in the league event, and Sam Leadley M20 was top OD in 2nd place on the 7km Brown course taking 49.34mins just 44 seconds behind the winner. On the same course Alistair Landels M50 was 4th in 55.38mins, David Leadley M55 7th in 58.39mins, Chris McCartney M50 10th in 59.18mins and Anne Straube W40 was top woman in 65.06mins. Tom Jeffries M45 was 2nd on the Blue 6.3km course in 55.02mins, On the Short Green 3.4km course Peter Carey M75 was 3rd taking 48.24mins.

Blakeney Hill, Forest of Dean, was the race venue for the event organised by North Gloucester Orienteering Club and Lesley Ross W50 was the fastest woman on the Blue course taking 49.38mins, Keith Willdig M70 was 9th in 42.37mins on the Green course. Margaret Willdig was 3rd on the Short Green course in 47.04mins.

Daventry Country Park Results: Richard Gardner and family organised the orienteering event and welcomed newcomers as well as experienced runners to compete on the 4 courses. There were two courses suitable for beginners and many new families enjoyed enjoyed the experience. On the shortest 1.5km course Debbie Sharp and daughter came 1st taking 20.05mins, Joseph Perks was 2nd in 20.47mins and Ruth and Laura Burnham were 3rd in 25.03mins. On the Orange 2km course Isla Prince W14 OD junior was 1st in 21.33mins, Harry McDowell M6 with his family were 2nd in 36.41mins and scouts Jonathan Jilkes and Rhys Caie M12 were 3rd in 49.15mins. On the medium 3.6km course Richard Windsor M55 LEI was 1st in 26.58mins, Mike Hampton M70 2nd in 34.04mins and Chris Dwyer M65 3rd in 37.31mins. Benjamin Rauffet M21 from Harlequins was 1st on the Long 5.5km course taking 33.08mins, Alistair Landels M50 2nd in 35.29mins and Chris McCartney M50 3rd in 35.38mins.

21st January 2019