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Badgerslade Woods on Cannock Chase was the setting for some great running through the woods and uplands near Cannock, Staffordshire. On the longest course, Brown 8.7km with 210 metres of climb Kirsten Strain W21 was the top woman orienteer taking 68.06mins, 2nd M45 was Chris McCartney in 69.47mins and David Leadley 2nd M50 in 70.39mins.

Felix Lunn M16 had a great run on the 5.9km Blue course with 180 metres of climb coming 1st in a time of 42.26mins, Oliver Lunn M16 came 4th in 45.54mins and Dave Marr was 2nd M65 in 56.36mins. A control was moved by a member of the public which affected the Green 3.8km course resulting in some leg times being deducted for all competitors. Richard Steel M50 was top OD runner coming 4th in 30.03mins. Peter Carey M70 won the Short Green 3.4km course in 40.23mins and John Bowman was 2nd M75 in 50.48mins.

Juniors had some good results: on the Light Green 3km course, with Pippa Smart W14 3rd in 42.47mins, Peter Markham M14 6th in 47.50mins and Tabitha Lunn W14 7th in 52.19mins; Finley Flippance M12 was 2nd in 34.55mins on the Orange 2.5km course, Josie Smart W12 4th in 41.52mins; Tilly Flippance W10 won the White 1.6km course in 15.55mins.

At Daventry Country Park Marius Jasiulionis organised and planned three courses of differing lengths and difficulty. About 60 orienteers including many families joined in and on the Short 2.7km course Luke Cherry M12 won in 27.17mins, just ahead of Eoin Hankinson M12 27.22mins and Lewis Oxtoby M12 30.27mins. Jacob Oxtoby M14 won the Medium 3.8km course finding 14 controls in 29.16mins, Oliver Lunn M16 was 2nd in 29.33mins and Frances Briscoe W21 was 3rd in 34.15mins. The Long 5km course was won by Chris McCartney M45 in 37.45mins, Stan Alexander M65 was 2nd 42.03mins and David Oxtoby M40 3rd in 43.31mins.

7th Feb 2017


Club members had some great orienteering venues, with very varied terrain, to choose from this weekend. Derwent Valley Orienteering Club organised a Level B event at Shining Cliff, and many club members had some successful runs on the very steep rocky areas.

The longest, steepest course, Black 7.6km with 350 metres of climb saw William Gardner M21 finding all 25 controls in a splendid time of 67.45mins, Andrew Llewellyn M21 from Nottingham was 2nd in 68.09mins, Richard Robinson M35 also from Nottingham was 3rd in 68.21mins and Nathan Lawson M20 was 4th in 70.47mins. On the Short Brown 6.4km course with 265 metres of climb Kirsten Strain W21 took 69.56mins and was placed 8th, and Anne Straube W40 was 7th in 65.30mins on the Blue 5.5km with 220 metres of climb. Stephen Bates M65 was 6th on the Green 3.6km course in 59.50mins and Sheila Carey W70 8th in 61.10mins.

Young junior Max Straube-Roth M10 was in top form winning the White 1.3km course, finding 9 controls in 18.13mins and Cameron Williams-Stein M14 came 4th in 45.36mins on the Light Green 2.8km course. Katherine Stein W40 was 2nd on the Yellow 2km courses in 33.43mins.

At Hawley and Hornley, Hampshire, the annual Concorde Chase, organised by Berkshire Orienteers, was held on wooded areas with some interesting path networks in frequent use by the military.  Lesley Ross was top W50 on the Blue 7.7km course in 59.24mins, Trevor Simpson was 2nd M75 on the Green 5.2km course in 62.21mins and Sue Hallett was 2nd W70 on the Short Green 4km course taking 56.21mins.

31st Jan 2017