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With most of the snow and ice gone, Dave Chandler planned 4 excellent courses to suit all abilities. The short 1.5km Yellow course saw many new participants from the Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts running and locating the 12 controls placed around the park. The winner was Max Straube-Roth M10 who took 16.06mins, 2nd were Ross Stewart and Jacob Smith from the Scouts taking 22.34mins and 3rd was William Newton M10 in 25.41mins.

Rob Bambrook M40 was 1st in 17.31mins, Matt Bambrook 2nd in 21.55mins and Walton Chasers Mel and Jonah Hearn were 3rd in 43.26mins on the Orange 2.7km course. Cameron Williams-Stein M14 was by far the fastest on the 4.6km medium course running round in only 28.31mins, Margaret Willdig W60 was 2nd in 40.42mins and Phil May M65 3rd in 45.30mins. On the long 5.1km course with 20 controls, David Leadley M50 was 1st in 36.15mins, Anne Straube W40 2nd in 40.03mins and Jacob Oxtoby M14 3rd in 40.52mins.

Outwoods, Loughborough, Results

Nathan Lawson M20 was 2nd and Harrison McCartney M20 4th on the longest course at the Leicestershire Orienteering Club event. They finished in 55.02mins and 57.45mins respectively on the 8.5km course with 245 metres of climb. On the Green 4.6km course Bruce Bryant M60 was 3rd in 40.17mins.

19th Dec 2017


The final league event for 2017 was held at Hay Wood, near Baddesley Clinton, and club members turned out to compete with some great running around the woods, across all age classes to clinch the title. OD have accumulated a total of 7403 points well ahead of the other West Midlands clubs: Wrekin Orienteers 6895, Harlequins 6574, Walton Chasers 6349, Potteries 6038 and City of Birmingham 2160.

Scorers for the club, earned from best 5 races, from the 12 events, with a maximum of 100 points per race were: Finley Flippance M12, Jacob Oxtoby M14, Tom Jeffries M45, Juliette Soulard W45, Lesley Ross W50, Barry Elkington M60, Peter Carey M70, Sam Leadley M18, Josie Smart W12, Florence Lunn W14, Sheila Carey W70 who all scored 500 points and Chris McCartney M45 498, David Leadley M50 491, Kevin Ross M50 415 and Felix Lunn M16 499.

The Hay Wood event was organised by John Middler and all the courses were planned by juniors Oliver and Felix Lunn. The club welcomed over 130 competitors from across the midlands and several new orienteers, including a group of Sea Scouts from Warwick, who enjoyed the experienced of navigating around the woods. Individual winners of the courses were: Imogen George W12 Warwick Sea Scouts took 8.07mins on the 1.3km White course, Oscar Barnby M10 Walton Chasers 17.54mins on the 2.5km Yellow course, Martin Mitchell M50 Harlequins 36.40mins on the 2.9km Orange Course, Jacob Oxtoby M14 31.27mins on the 3.5km Light Green Course, Peter Carey M70 33.51mins on the 3.2km Short Green course, Lesley Ross W50 34.07mins on the 4km Green course and Alistair Landels M45 44.22mins on the 6.8km Blue Course.


Will Gardner M21 is to take his place in 2018 into the British Orienteering Senior GB Squad. The squad has 24 athletes, 14 men and 10 women. The club congratulates him on this great achievement, following some good results at international and national events and wishes him success next year as he competes for GB.

5th December 2017