Club News by Karin Kirk


The Sprint and Urban races, part of the Euro City Tour series, were organised over this weekend around Funchal, Madeira. Several OD members travelled and enjoyed the sunshine. The Elkington family had some fine runs and Matt Elkington M21 won the Senior Mens Urban sprint around Funchal taking 15.20mins to navigate around the 2.6km course. Helen Elkington W21 was 7th on the Senior Womens 2.4km course in 22.02mins. and Barry Elkington M60 earned a 2nd place position on the 2.3km Super Veteran Mens course taking 18.52mins.

On the longer Urban City Race Matt Elkington was 2nd in 45.33mins only 5 seconds behind fellow Brit Jack Kosky on the 7.9km Senior Mens course with 39 control points. Helen Elkington was 8th in 48.51mins on the 5.8km Senior Womens course and Barry Elkington was 5th in 39.22mins on the Super Veteran Mens 5.3km course.

Itchington Holt’s, beautiful woods near Harbury, were a great venue for the Club Championships and West Midlands penultimate league event. It was especially great to see all the wild deer and hares. The club welcomed many newcomers especially juniors and first timer Daniel Dimmock M14 was the winner of the White course taking 14.18mins just ahead of James Jennings M14 14.25mins. Club member Max Straube-Roth M10 won the Yellow course in 20.50mins. Henry Jeffries M12 was 2nd in 34.51mins on the Orange course and newcomers Simon Mottershan and Stef Lunn were 3rd in 42.11mins. Felix Lunn M16 was 1st on the Light Green course taking 21.55mins, Oliver Lunn was 2nd in 22.52mins and Joe Quinney M14 was 3rd in 31.27mins. Pippa Smart W16 was top girl taking 32.59mins.

Peter Carey M70 won the Short Green course in 34.01mins and Sheila Carey W70 was 2nd in 37.41mins. Anne Straube W40 won the Green course in 34.11mins, Richard Gardner M60 was 2nd in 35mins and Lesley Ross W50 3rd in 35.36mins. The winner of the Blue course was Alistair Landels M50 in 43.40mins, Tom Jeffries M45 was 2nd in 48.12mins, David Lawson M55 was 3rd in 48.57mins and Kirsten Strain W21 was top woman taking 48.58mins. Will Gardner M21 was the fastest on the longest course, Brown, taking 39.24mins, Oliver Flippance M16 was 2nd and Mathew Batley M21, Warwick University, was 3rd in 53.10mins.


Club championships trophies and handicap prizes for all age classes will be announced and presented at the annual Christmas party at the Wardens Kenilworth on Wednesday 19 December.

11th December 2018

West Midlands League Results

Octavian Droobers are currently West Midlands league leaders and a large number of club members travelled up to Cannock Chase to compete in the latest round. This event was hosted by Walton Chasers at Brereton Spurs, near Rugeley in Staffordshire and they welcomed over 250 competitors from around the midlands. The leaf strewn woods proved quite physical with climb on all courses leaving some competitors a bit short of breath particularly after climbing up from the final control to the finish in the arena.

On the longest course, Brown 6.4km with 250 metres of climb, Alistair Landels M50 was top OD runner in 3rd place taking 49.42mins, Sam Leadley M18 was 6th in 52.20mins and David Leadley M50 was 8th in 5.32mins. The Blue course was 5.5km long with 250 metres of climb and Tom Jeffries M45 was 4th in 52.12mins, Lesley Ross W50 was 5th in 52.42mins and Barry Elkington M60 6th in 52.48mins.

Bruce Bryant M60 was 1st on the Green 3.6km course with 145 metres of climb in 37.51mins and Jacob Oxtoby M16 2nd and top junior taking 38.47mins, Keith Willdig M65 was 6th in 43.56mins. On the Short Green 2.9km course with 110 metres of climb Peter Carey M70 was 3rd in 32.23mins and Janet Richardson was 2nd woman in 44.16mins.

Junior Henry Jeffries M12 was 1st in 31.56mins on the Orange 2.3km course. Josie Smart W14 was 2nd in 48.29mins and Matt Bambrook M14 3rd in 52mins on the 2.9km Light Green course with 90 metres of climb. Max Straube-Roth M10 was 2nd on the Yellow 1.9km course in 16.27mins, Rupert Powell M10 4th in 17.36mins and Edward Powell M10 6th in 24.18mins. All these juniors gained their colour standard time.

4th December 2018