Club News by Karin Kirk

Weekend Urban and Forest results


Walton Chasers staged a 50th anniversary event this weekend. Jacob Oxtoby M16 was the winner of the Mens Junior 3.4km urban race around the streets of Tamworth taking 26.06mins to find all his controls, David Knott M16 was 3rd and Lewis Oxtoby M14 4th. Chris McCartney M50 was 2nd on the Mens Vet course of 6.7km taking 43.30mins and Rob Bambrook M45 was 6th.  David Lawson M55 was 3rd on the Mens Super Vet course in 46.32mins and Mike Hampton M70 4th on the Mens Ultra Vet course. Peter Carey M75 won the Mens Hyper Vet course of 3.2km in 25.55mins.

Josie Smart W14 won the Womens Junior 3.4km course in 51.52mins. 4th place went to Michelle Oxtoby W45 on the Womens Vet course and Liz Phillips W55 was 2nd on the Womens Super Vet course. Sheila Carey W70 was 2nd and Hilary May W65 5th on the Womens Ultra Vet course.   



Achieving the guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week can be difficult to fit into our busy lives. Taking up a sport that the whole family can do can make it simpler to schedule. One destination and just once a week can go some way to meet this.

Orienteering takes place around Coventry and Warwickshire most weeks and Will Gardner the top ranked British orienteer who competes for GB is a great role model.


His success he says comes from being out and about, from an early age, having a really enjoyable and fun adventure time in parks and woods with his two brothers and parents. Getting faster and learning how to find your way using a map and compass can be compared to a treasure hunt on the run, but walking is best when starting out in the sport.


Octavian Droobers welcomes newcomers of all abilities, and ages 5 – 85 years, to its summer Wednesday evening events. One advantage is that there is no need to pre-book your place, just turn up, anytime between 6 and 7.30pm, instructions will be given and compasses can be borrowed.

2nd July 2019