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The rescheduled University Championships were held at Bradenham Woods, near Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, and 4 OD club members featured in the top 10. There were 32 controls to find on the men’s 10.3km course with 305 metres of climb and representing their respective universities, Harrison McCartney was 5th in 63.32mins, Nathan Lawson 7th in 64.37mins and William Gardner 10th in 66.03mins. Julie Emmerson was 7th on the Women’s 7.2km course with 230 metres of climb in 61.47mins.

At High Rigg in Cumbria. Duncan Birtwistle M21 was 2nd on the 8.33km course with a massive 525 metres of climb in 59.02mins only 8 seconds behind winner Daniel Spencer from West Cumbria and Matthew Elkington was 6th in 64.36mins.

The newly mapped Urban area around the steep sided valley at Chalford, near Stroud, organised by North Gloucester Orienteering Club, was a real draw for orienteers from around the country. The village was known to have used donkeys to transport goods up and down the very narrow pathways and the planner used this to full advantage in designing the 6 courses. Subsequently there were some really interesting route choices for runners to make to navigate between controls. Chris McCartney M45 was 5th on the Blue 6.2km course with 235 metres of climb in 56.07mins, Phil Kirk 9th in 53.56mins and Sue Hallett W70 10th in 56.05mins on the Short Green 3.4km, 180 metres of climb, course.

Keith Willdig M65 was 7th at the East Midlands Urban League event taking 39.13mins on the 4.3km course around Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

1st May 2018


The Graythwaite middle distance and Lingmoor Long Distance in the Lake District and the Northern Championships at Thirsk and Wass, were national events and attracted orienteers from all over the UK.

Lingmoor Long distance saw Matthew Elkington M21 race home in 1st place on the longest 9.87km course with 515 metres of climb in 73.43minutes, ahead of fellow OD’s William Gardner M21 in 2nd, 76.30mins and Duncan Birtwistle M21 4th in 84.27mins. Kirsten Strain was 4th W21 on the Short Brown 6.86km course with 325 metres of climb taking 72.57mins and Anne Straube W40 was 4th woman on the Blue 5.96km 260 metre climb course in 67.13mins.

At the Graythwaite middle distance race Matthew Elkington M21 did the double and was the winner on the longest course, Black 5km with 240 metres of climb taking 32.24mins just ahead of 2nd placed Will Gardner 33.08 and Duncan Birtwistle was 8th in 37.27mins. Julie Emmerson W21 was 2nd on the Brown Women 4.6km course in 40.57mins and Kirsten Strain 7th in 44.13mins. Anne Straube was 3rd in 43.45mins on the Blue Women 4.1km course.

Pippa Smart was 6th on the Junior Women course at the Urban race around Thirsk taking 32.02mins on the 3.8km course. At the Wass event Harrison McCartney was 7th M20 on the 8.1km course in 68.48mins. Florence Lunn was 7th on the W14 3.2km course in 56.12mins.

Leicestershire Orienteering Club organised the Castle Hill event and Anne Straube W40 was 2nd woman on the Blue 7km course taking 54.35mins and Max Straube-Roth M10 was 6th on the 2.2km Yellow course taking 36.10mins.

24th April 2018