Orienteer holding map
  • 12th June 2022: new terrain and map symbol exercises
  • 21st May 2022: Optional text hints on controls in map symbol matching exercises
  • 3rd April 2022: new map symbol matching category using orienteering maps of computer generated terrain
  • Each 3D model may take a while to load initially but it's quicker after that.
  • 4 categories of exercises (terrain, route, control and map symbol matching)
  • 57 exercises with different sets of maps and terrain
  • July 2021 - If map images show as black squares after updating from an old version, clear your browser cache and reload the page. Alternatively use this link to clear the cache and then navigate back to here and reload the page.
  • Will not work on old browsers (e.g. IE 11) or old / low spec. hardware (3D model will be missing or black).
  • Use the menu icon (top-left) to select an exercise or change settings.
  • Can be installed / Added to Home Screen for offline use (this also enables full-screen mode on mobiles) but you'll only be able to use the exercises for which you have already seen all 4 models while online.
  • For the route matching exercises, match the position of the route marked in red. The area covered by the model won't line up exactly with the map (don't try to compare the edges).
  • The  Tutorial Exercise contains detailed instructions.
  • In Settings you can increase your score x4 by setting the maps to rotate randomly. Showing the maps in a random order increases score x2.
  • The rate at which energy reduces can be changed in Settings. This affects score.