The West Midlands league event was well attended by Octavian Droobers in an endeavour to remain top of the table. The 9th event of the year was organised by Harlequins Orienteering Club, and the races were run around the beautiful woods close to Dudmaston Hall, near Bridgnorth. On the Blue 6.5km course with 190 metres of climb Felix Lunn (M16) found all 21 controls in a great time of 50.35mins, Lesley Ross (W50) was 2nd in 60.15mins, Chris McCartney (M45) was 4th in 62.04mins, Anne Straube (W40) 5th in 66.45mins and Barry Elkington (M60) 6th in 58.15mins.

On the longest course, Brown 7.7km with 275 metres of climb, Alistair Landels (M45) was 2nd in 60.25mins, David Leadley M45 was 3rd in 60.29mins and Sam Leadley (M18) was 6th in 66.30mins. Jacob Oxtoby (M14) was 1st on the Green 5.2km course taking 47.53mins to locate and punch 17 controls. John Bowman (M75) was 4th in 47.28mins and Rachel Alexander (W60) 6th in 55.01mins on the Short Green 2.8km course. Florence Lunn (W14) also came 1st on her Light Green 3.4km course taking 43.24mins and Tabitha Lunn (W14 was 3rd in 52.52mins. Another junior 1st place was awarded to Lewis Oxtoby (M12) who raced around the Orange 2.4km course in 31.09mins. The clubā€™s youngest juniors did well: Max Straube-Roth (M10) was 3rd on the 2.1km Yellow course in 20.32mins and Adam Landels (M10) was 2nd on the White 1.7km in 18.26mins.

Hartshill Hayes Country Park, Nuneaton, was the venue for Saturdayā€™s orienteering event. Organisers, Keith and Margaret Willdig and Jane Stew, planned 4 courses and attracted many newcomers. The woods were in beautiful condition with little undergrowth, producing some fast running on all courses. Young club member William Newton (M10) was fastest on the Yellow 1.5km course taking 11.33mins, Hannah Wheeler (W10) was 2nd in 13.17mins and first timer Eleanor Mulhern (W10) was 3rd in 20.21mins. Paul Quinney (M50) was 1st on the Orange 2.1km course in 27.15mins, John Bowman (M75) was 2nd in 35.52mins and Hannah Wheeler (M10) on her 2nd run was 3rd in 47.51mins.

On the Green 3.6km course Bruce Bryant (M60) was 1st in 37.27mins, Cameron Williams-Stein (M14) was 2nd in 38.08mins and Pete Carey (M70) was 3rd in 42.34mins. Sam Leadley (M18) was 1st on the Blue 4.8km course taking 44.26mins, Benjamin Rauffet (M21) from City of Birmingham OC was 2nd in 47.52mins, Kris Smith (M35) from British Army OC shared 3rd place, 48.52mins, with Andy Emmerson (M60).

West Midlands League
The club will be competing at Wombridge, near Telford, at the next West Midlands League event organised by Wrekin Orienteers on Sunday 19 November. The start and assembly will be at the Leisure Centre and close to the athletics track. The terrain is mixed between 65% urban and parkland and 35% woodlands. The 7 courses of varying lengths from 1.7km up to 8km will include courses for beginners as well as experienced orienteers.

14th November 2017

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