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From The Chair 2009

Chairman Bob

(November 2009)

First of all a big thank you to Carolyn Marr for her hard work over the past three years.  A hard act to follow !

I have been to my first committee meeting and am getting up to speed with the issues facing the Club.  What I have found is that there are a lot of people doing a lot of work behind the scenes.  These volunteers need the support of the whole membership.

With Chris Morris and Tony Feltbower leaving the committee (each after a lengthy stretch - thanks guys) the Club finds itself without anybody looking after the Saturday and Sunday events.  We desperately need these events to be co-ordinated - in particular someone to find the necessary officials.  Please volunteer to take on this role.  Fortunately we have Sue Bicknell continuing to look after the Wednesday evening events.

Another loss to the committee is Mike Hampton who has been our Mapping Officer for over 20 years (thanks Mike for all of those maps).  Over this period the role of mapping officer has changed, and we are assessing what might be required from future a mapping officer.  We are grateful that for the time being Mike has agreed to work with planners and update his maps if they can provide hard-copy of the changes.  Bruce also continues to provide mapping support.

Meanwhile the Club continues to be successful in competition.  Andy's email in September reporting on details of how the Club won the Peter Palmer Junior Team Relay (a feat not achieved by OD before) was a tribute to the friendship and commitment that our juniors possess.  Good luck to them in the Yvette Baker Trophy campaign which is imminent.  Please do read Andy's Captain's report later in this magazine where you will also read of Droobers 2nd place in the CompassSport Cup Final.  Well done to all.

Carolyn 'got me' to be Chairman at the Club Dinner in March, so I am keen to keep this occasion going by way of an escape plan.  Here I am asking for ideas of possible venue for first Friday in March 2010.

Bob Brandon

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