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From The Chair 2010

Chairman Bob

(November 2010).

With the AGM out of the way, it was straight on with the orienteering.  Liz Phillips, our busy secretary, had no sooner taken the minutes than was back in action and on with her controller’s hat for that Sunday’s Warwick Town Race.  The event was to conclude the NopeSport nationwide series of City races and the 2010 league awards were then presented in the rain at St Nicholas Park.  I enjoyed my run, the courses planned by Mark Beverley were clever and some fast times were put in. Richard Gardner continued on his event organisation learning curve.  This is the second time we have used Warwick and the castle grounds.  We are looking at maybe putting on a City Race in Coventry in two or three years time….

The previous day to wet Warwick  the sun had shone on the righteous.  At the Stoneleigh showground Peter Guillaume put on two events.  In the morning a score event for the juniors in preparation for the British School’s Score Championships.  And in the afternoon a park race for those who had travelled to Warwickshire for the Town Race.

We have put on three Saturday morning score events, at Ryton Pools where Debbie & Aimee Morse looked after registration, and Chris Morris put on the Abbey Fields score event - turn out at each was brilliant.  In October John Middler recycled Mike Hampton’s 2009 courses at Tudor Grange where there was a particularly good turn out of newcomers.  This included one lad who had turned up at the adjacent leisure centre to go swimming – he fitted in the Yellow course first.

Following on from the Club’s successes at the West Midlands Relays, Suzanne Humphries efforts at cajoling us into attending the CompassSport Cup Final produced a fine 3rd place.  Burbage Moor, to the south of Sheffield is a rough boulder and heather strewn area

The first hour of the recent OD committee meeting (28/10) was taken up by Ed Nicholas of British Orienteering who had asked to come and talk to us about the BO participation programme.  Some of us had met up with Ed when the BO road show had come to Coventry the previous week.  Upon a suggestion by Peter Guillaume I let Ed have some background reading about Octavian Droobers and sent him the OD AGM (29/09) reports by Andy Emmerson; John Bowman; Kath Wright and myself so that he could give some thoughts to what areas OD have not explored to increase participation.  Ed spoke for about 10 minutes and then asked how we were so successful at getting new members.  I nodded to Karin and then she told him, with Paul Furness and the rest of the Committee chipping in.   It became clear that with our regular programme of events there was no need to establish a Club base as some of the BO participation literature suggests.  There was a need to develop ‘local’ coaches to instruct the newcomers and a need to grow mappers; course planners; event organisers and controllers in addition to providing support to our many helpers.  Ed said that there was some funding available to assist with our participation ‘list’ of activities.

Don’t forget to nominate the Club junior who has achieved the most outstanding result or set of results during 2010.  The winner will be awarded with Bob’s Dad’s Trophy at the Christmas Party on December 22nd.  Nominations to Liz Phillips.

Likewise to Liz, nominations are required by 1st December for the Club member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Club – this can be based on competition results or service to the Club. 

Finally I’d like to welcome Helen Elkington and William Gardner as the junior representative on the Committee, we all look forward to their contribution.

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob's Annual General Meeting Report

(29th September 2010)

Welcome to the AGM

The Club has continued to have a successful 12 months.

I have had an easy time in my first year in the Chair.  Carolyn Marr left a tidy Club and each Club member with a job to do has performed their role without hesitation.  We are grateful for the dedication of our membership.

During the year it became apparent that the Club’s continued success in competition gave rise to a need for a Vice Captain to take the pressure off Andy Emmerson.  Suzanne Humphries agreed all too easily to take on the role of vice captain – a good choice by Andy.  Indeed, at the recent WMOA relays Suzanne introduced many good new OD team names and won trophies as well – we look forward to the CompassSport Cup Final to see how Suzanne will encourage us to regain the silverware from SYO on their own terrain.  Andy’s report later this evening will tell you just how successful in competition the Club has been. 

Richard Gardner has taken on the role of Officials Finder for Sunday events.  Richard needs support – he has taken on organising three events in 7 months including this Sunday’s Warwick Town Race and next February’s British Night Championships.  The Club needs people to step up from Wednesday evening/Saturday morning events to take on the role of planner, controller or organiser for Sunday events, I encourage members to go on the appropriate course to learn the ropes. 

Ant Walker has taken on the role of looking after the technology of our EMIT electronic punching system.  Ant is supported by Paul Furness, Graham Urquhart and Michael Hanson-Morris.

After many years i/c of the electronic punching, does this leaves Paul with time on his hands ?  No, Paul still has our web-site to look after.  Paul is now a qualified BOF coach, having held 3 coaching sessions for starters/improvers and has taken on the role of Club liaison officer with local schools.  Paul is also treasurer of the British Schools Orienteering Association.  Paul is behind the OD Talent / Development Squad which is in its initial phase – to this end don’t forget to complete his online survey before the end of the month (tomorrow).

Meanwhile Liz Furness has continued her work with junior orienteers and this summer has managed the British Orienteering tour to the European Youth O Championships in Spain; the British Orienteering Cairngorm talent camp with Phil Kirk and Paul as cooks; and West Midlands Junior Squad Swedish tour where Peter & Judith did the cooking and Iain Embrey was lead coach.

In the current edition of the Droober magazine Barry Elkington is responsible for the response to the British Orienteering Event Structure questionnaire.  This effort is typical of Barry’s input to the Club and he has put down what events the Club wants to put on – based on what works !  During the year Barry creates and arranges distribution of the event flyer for all of the events that the Club puts on.  Barry also Chairs the British Orienteering Rules Committee and sits on West Midlands Committee.  Earlier in the year Barry also put on two work-shops for the small event organiser/planner.

Chris Morris has been secretary of West Midlands Orienteering Association for many years.  Chris readily agreed to put on last Saturday’s event at Abbey Fields.  After the event Chris said that he had enjoyed putting it on and would certainly continue to help in this way.

But last Saturday’s event is just one of many - John Bowman has provided the following statistics over the past 12 months –

1 Regional Event;     4 Colour-coded Events

11 Saturday Morning Local Events including 2 Charity Score Events and the OD Club Championships

15 Wednesday Evening Local Events including 5 Park Races, 1 Urban Event and the Sutton Park Gates Run

The OD Christmas Relays (back at Woodcote after several years at Rough Close).

Although there were no Night Events last year, OD are hosting the British Night Champs in Feb 2011.

Also the Warwick Urban Event, the last of this year’s NopeSport Urban League Events returns in

October 2010 after a gap of 3 years.

CLUB ACTIVITIES (Mainly Coaching Events)

5 WMOA Junior Squad Training Events (in addition to events overseas)

6 ‘Try Orienteering’ Events in the Rugby area

2 OD Adult Coaching Sessions;     2 OD Junior Coaching Sessions

1 Event for a Kenilworth Scout Group

20 Training Events for Kenilworth After-School Orienteering Club (Mel Elkington & Paul Furness).

Comments from the OD Fixture Secretary

2009 - 2010 has been another very active year for OD both for Fixtures and Coaching Activities. 

One Sunday event was cancelled because of lack of Officials.

More Local Authorities are charging for access now, although there are notable exceptions at venues where OD has helped to create a Permanent Course, or put on a ‘Community Event’

Organisers should note that BOF have changed the format of the Risk Assessment.

John Bowman

With fixtures and permissioning  John has a heavy workload – he tells me that there are many more form to fill in these days.  Thanks John we appreciate your efforts.

Sue Bicknell has masterminded the 15 Wednesday evening events during the summer making sure that each week we have orienteering to look forward to.  I am grateful to Sue that in addition she is to take on coordination of the Saturday morning events – please support Sue.  And many thanks to those who have put on these events and Alan Halliday and staff at Print5 who almost weekly fit in with the OD fixture list and print the maps promptly whenever they are asked.

We couldn’t put on the events without the maps.  The legacy of the 20+ years of Mike Hampton’s mapping has held us in good stead this year.  Bruce Bryant continues to improve on our premier areas.  However it is a cause for concern that only one person has come forward to have a go at remapping an existing area.  Phil Kirk’s excellent first map of Coombe Abbey Country Park should be an example to us all.

We couldn’t put on the events without the equipment.  Graham & Liz Urquhart have a garage full of the stuff and can be seen at events passing things to and fro.  It was early in the summer that I overheard Graham asking for info about equipment requirements for this coming Stoneleigh/Warwick weekend, so that he could assure that the planners had the equipment that they needed.

Karin Kirk has been prolific in getting people to try our sport.  Before an event Karin will be contacting schools and running clubs in the locality and every time it means we have newcomers coming to try orienteering.  This has provided Membership Secretaries John & Kath & John Wright with a dread of the postman coming !   John & Kath have created a pool of people willing to help out at our Saturday and Wednesday events, hopefully this can be expanded over the next 12 months. We are grateful to all three for efforts to get those, who have taken the trouble to try orienteering, to join the Club.

Report from the Membership Secretaries

Membership figures

 At 1st September 2010 the membership figures stand at:

 Membership category

Number of members 2009

 Number of members 2010

Increase in numbers

% increase


























It is worth noting that there has been an increase of 17 juniors most of whom have taken advantage of local membership. This category of membership has also been attractive to new seniors and family groups.

Requests to members

We would ask members to encourage people wishing to join the Club to submit their application forms to us rather than direct to British Orienteering as this enables us to know who has joined.

Also, we need applicants to fill in their forms legibly particularly their email addresses.

We would like members to let us know of any change of circumstances so that we can keep an accurate and up-to-date database. We will then inform BOF of the changes.

We try to send email addresses of new members to Peter Guillaume and also to Andy Emmerson as soon as we receive membership applications so that delay in new members receiving messages is avoided. However, from time to time there may be a backlog of applications.

We will be submitting an article for The Droober highlighting the above requests.

The membership database

The OD membership database is maintained to provide up-to-date information and is also used to generate address labels for The Droober and to produce the annual membership list. The list is also used to respond to enquiries from BOF on membership numbers in different categories. The BOF website membership database is now operative and seems to be working well.

Enquiries from potential members

A number of enquiries have been received and responded to by sending out a letter together with a BOF leaflet and where possible a copy of The Droober. We feel that a telephone conversation might be more appropriate as newcomers may want to ask questions specific to themselves.

Helpers at local events

Because of increasing numbers of newcomers to Saturday morning and Wednesday evening events it was felt that help was needed from OD members to explain the basic principles of orienteering to individuals and family groups. Earlier in the year a small group was formed to perform this function and this has been found to be very useful. Many thanks to Lin Page, Steph Ellis-Gray, Bob Brandon, John Middler and John Bowman who volunteered to help.

John & Kath Wright

Karin Kirk has also been most successful in gaining publicity for our Club.  Every week colour pictures and event reports inform on how well the Club is doing.  Her ‘copy’ is also found on our website – if I want to know how we did at the weekend I look at The News online first.  Her recent efforts on producing a colour events leaflet will be available at Stoneleigh on Saturday.

Sue Hallett keeps the invaluable Droober coming out regularly even while she is often in foreign parts on copy date.  Please take the time to write a short piece for an edition in 2011 – why not make it  2010, the next copy is due on 3rd November 2010. 

Trevor Simpson seems happy being busy as treasurer, keeping us afloat – his report to come later. 

Liz Phillips keeps the minutes of the committee meetings and fields correspondence for the Club.  Expect an excellent event at Warwick next Sunday, when Liz shares her expertise in Urban events as controller.

Peter Guillaume has recently retired from several years with several roles with British Orienteering looking after the national fixtures.  Peter continues with his involvement in running the CompassSport Cup competition.  After planning/organising this week’s Park Race at Stoneleigh, Peter will be checking that we still have all the boxes ticked in order to continue with our Club Mark accreditation.  Peter also keeps the email tree up to date with membership e-addresses – this year we have added Andy Emmerson as a second person able to impart instant information to the Club.

Hilary Simpson continues to document the colour coded badge awards for the West Midlands Orienteering Association with Les Ross compiling the regional league.

Matt Morris and Sophie Kirk have been Junior Reps on the committee through the year.  They are now starting university - we thank these two for their efforts within the Club to date and wish them well with their studies.

On the socials front we have held the Christmas party, master minded by Hilary and assisted by Trevor and Roger & Diana Hailey.  Phil Kirk organised a Chinese experience in March for the Club Dinner.  Hilary & Phil were also responsible for 2 particular Wednesday evening barbecues.

For the future we have the progress of the talent/development squad; the British Night Championships at Bentley in February; and maybe the possibility of a regular Club night. – to this end, if the committee members agree, I will be inviting Edward Nicholas from British Orienteering, who would like to spend 30 minutes talking to us about the BO Increasing Participation programme.

The committee meets next on Thursday October 28th 2010 at Frankton.

Thank you all for coming to the Annual General Meeting.

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob

(September 2010)

Hope you had a good summer. 

Early in August  I was in Melrose, Scotland with Anne Wade and 18 of her Duke of Edinburgh students.  We back-packed St Cuthbert's Way to England (Lindisfarne).  No rain at all and no real drama - all coped quite well, we didn’t lose anyone.  The route was quite enchanting along banks of River Tweed.  Then two upland sections were each very pleasant after the initial climb - walking through the lower Cheviot peaks rather than going up them all.  We finished off taking the pilgrims path across the sands to Holy Island - then after getting my book stamped and visiting the priory walked back to the mainland with Anne whilst the students caught the bus.

Now it’s September and I am still shattered from the Lakes where the orienteering was good and so was the company. 

I need to remind you of the Octavian Droobers’ AGM to be held on Wednesday September 29th in Kenilworth, and hope to see you there – notice of venue, agenda etc was in the July Droober and is on our website.  There are no people stepping down from roles within the club, so there should be a smooth transition into the new orienteering .  As such, it should be a good time to take on board any ideas from the membership.

No-one stepping down, however a couple of reshuffles.    Ant Walker is now leading with the electronic punching and will ensure that service is provided at colour coded events and above, assisted by Graham Urquhart, Michael Hanson-Morris and Paul Furness.   And Sue Bicknell has kindly offered to take on the coordination of the Saturday events in addition to looking after next summer's Wednesday events.  This frees me up to give Kath Wright a hand with membership as it will soon be renewal time.

A chocolate Father Christmas will be presented to each of these leading Droobers in the summer evening league - Gursimran Kullar, Jamie Nicolson, Ezra Lutton and Will Critchley.  Well done.

This year's Wednesday events came to an end at Kingsbury with a plum feast at download thanks to fruit from Pete & Sheila Carey's garden.  Thanks to Sue's efforts it has been a good summer of orienteering evenings with the final events put on by John Middler, Harrison McCartney (ace event) and Sue Hallett.  Thanks to these and throughout the series to John Bowman for permissions; Barry Elkington for the flyers; Bruce Bryant, Mike Hampton and Phil Kirk for the maps; Alan Halliday for printing them; Graham & Liz Urquhart for the equipment - it all takes some organisation - I overheard Graham in June already gleaning info from those involved in the October Warwick weekend, in order that he could ensure equipment would be available for the two events in 24 hours.

Those who weren’t at the colour coded event at Burton Dassett in July missed a good day out.  In the morning Dave Thacker ran us al over the hills several times, then after lunch Sue Bicknell had us running up the hills backwards.  In control was Sue Hallett with Richard (organiser) Gardner making it all happen.

There are permanent orienteering courses at Pooley Fields, Kingsbury Water Park, Sutton Park, Coombe Abbey and at Ryton Pools.  The Club is looking for people to keep an eye on these Courses, to check that the controls are being maintained and that the map is fit for use as changes take place.  If you live near to one and would take on this role than please contact Liz Phillips or myself.   Liz, please put me down for Ryton Pools.  

Do I want to improve at orienteering? My experiences at the Lakeland 5-day event prove that there is plenty of scope.  Now having read the piece by Paul Furness, I am pleased that there is now an opportunity to improve provided within the Club.  I've just filled in Paul’s questionnaire – I wonder who else will be doing likewise.

Don’t forget to put the Club Champs at Oakley in your diary (December 12th).

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob

(July 2010)

After the excellent event at Warwick university yesterday evening I popped into the Burnt Post for a pint along with Sue Hallett, Sue Bicknell and John Middler.  We chatted orienteering, whilst in the bar Spain were getting through to the World Cup Final.  It was copy date for The Droober, so I needed to soften Sue up as I had yet to write this piece.  It seemed strange to have Sue around as most of the Droober newsletters this year have been edited in foreign parts thanks to the wonders of the internet ….. and thanks to Sue.

Today, Barry Elkington has been putting together the event flyers that appear in the magazine.  Barry also gets them copied and puts them out at the events he goes to - all part of the slick Droober machine.  I have time to mention how much effort Barry puts in on national committees endeavouring to keep the format of the orienteering events we go to relevant to how we want them to be.

Another big man for many years at national level in the fixtures area has been our Peter Guillaume, who is now standing down and taking a break from “the Committee type things".  Such that I am grateful to Peter for agreeing to look into OD’s Club Mark which is up for renewal at the end of the year.  Peter will be checking that we are up to date with all the courses and that we are still ticking all the boxes.

One thing about Barry advertising the events, it means that we need the planners, organisers and controllers to put them on.  Note that Richard Gardner is down to organise at Burton Dassett this month, then the Warwick Town Race in October and also the British Night Championships next February, so please help him out by offering to be an officials so that he doesn’t have to do them all ! – assistance will be given to you as you gain experience.  In particular we are looking for an organiser and planner for the CompassSport Cup first round at Sutton Park on January 16th.

One function of the events we put on is to introduce new people to orienteering hoping that they will join the Club.  Looking after the membership is Kath Wright, who has done this job for a little while.  Now Kath is looking for some help with this role – “basic competence in Excel required” – if you can help please contact Kath or myself.

Sue Bicknell’s summer evening programme is progressing well providing a good balance of events.  To name the names – we a grateful to Mike Hampton; Chris Dwyer; Graham Urquhart; Tony Feltbower; Sheila Carey; Bruce Bryant; Jane Halliday; Dave Thacker; Trevor Simpson; Richard Gardner for putting the events on so far - and to Phil Kirk for the barbeque (and map) at Coombe Park .

The barbeque at Stratford was good too, with farewell performances from Roman & Daniel Kotecky. Roman will always now be remembered as the man who swam across the River Avon at Trevor’s annual street event, as his 60 minutes were running out.  I congratulate Hilary and Trevor who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary –  and congratulations to Ted Norrish who recently celebrated his 75th birthday – Ted founded Octavian Droobers 45 years ago.  Robin Harvey has written in an email to me “We all owe a lot to Ted in one way or another.  Are there as many such figures in schools today?”

We did hold one Sunday event, at Pooley Fields.  A lot more effort is put into the Sunday events, with the course planning being controlled such that the best is obtained from the area.  Thelma Spalton and Mike Hampton did a cracking job as did Carolyn Marr as organiser who has set the standard for (narrow) start lanes.  A very good event which warranted a few more competitors.

It might be claimed that we lost people at Pooley to an event in the East Midlands and to the West Midlands School’s Championships the previous day.  However we do spend a lot of time investigating the fixture list to pick suitable dates for our Sunday events – unfortunately there are only 52 Sundays in the year.

At Stratford I happen to ask Liz Furness what she was up to.  Answer was “a lot”.  Liz is on the go masterminding Junior trips throughout the summer from Madrid to Scotland, taking along Phil Kirk and Paul Furness as cooks.

Some of you will be aware that Paul now has “time to spare”.  Not only is he looking after our electronic punching - Paul is constantly updating our web site - as announced last time, Paul is now looking after our School’s Liaison – since then Paul has been running a series of coaching sessions with the help of Thelma and Karin Kirk.  And on behalf of the Club, Paul has sought and achieved in June Octavian Droobers’ selection to the British Orienteering 2010 ‘Increasing Club Talent Squads’ project.  OD is one of 5 Orienteering Clubs that has been selected to participate in the project.  Although now half way through the year, it is early days, and it will be interesting to see how this project makes it’s impact within the Club to be of benefit to all.

On a different tack, I have had dialogue with some members of the committee regarding the setting up of a regular club evening.  I would see 'club night' as a regular (weekly ?) opportunity to gather and prepare for future competition in the short term up to the longer term.  Provide opportunities for training and coaching, also provide opportunities for growing our planning, organising and controlling resource. 

What do you think, please let me know.

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob

(May 2010)

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, I’m sitting by Ryton Pool reflecting upon the weekend’s British Championships – a very successful event thanks to a lot of hard work by Walton Chasers with input from other Clubs within the region.  The Droobers’ contribution was to manage the prize-giving ceremonies for each day.  This slick operation was master-minded by Mel & Barry Elkington.  My task was to dish out prizes to the silver medal winners, it was interesting to get up close with the good guys and girls.  It was pleasing to see Droobers on the podium from time to time (as at the JK).  This makes captain Andy Emmerson very happy that the hard work he puts in comes to fruition.  For some time now Andy has asked for some help.  To take the pressure off, Suzanne Humphreys has kindly agreed to become vice-captain – thanks Suzanne.

Reason I’m sitting here is that the Country Park need more maps printing for all 4 permanent courses.  So today I’ve been checking things out at Ryton.  The current map in use is seven years old, whereas the map we use for our events was updated in 2008 by Bruce Bryant.  At the moment Bruce is busy resurveying the Miner’s Welfare Park (Bedworth) map for a summer evening event and he has been working on Bentley as well.  Other people in the Club are trying out mapping.  Phil Kirk is resurveying Coombe Park and Keith Greenall has drawn an Ocad map of the school at which he teaches at in Rugby.

Talking of schools, Paul Furness has offered to develop a school’s liaison and development role within the Club.  Barry and Peter Guillaume have been assisting Paul with a bid to procure funding for this function and other coaching activities.  At the same time Thelma Spalton has volunteered to go on a coaching course which will go some way towards fulfilling our need for coaching those who have been encouraged to take up orienteering by our publicity machine.  Any more volunteers?

Karin Kirk’s current project has been to support a six week course of introductory orienteering events as organised by Chris Bryden of Rugby Council.  Each week the students learn a bit more and progress a bit more.  Also helping out at these Tuesday evening sessions have been Phil and Sophie Kirk along with Chris Dwyer and Mike Hampton, the latter has also been updating the mapping as the course students get to grips with orienteering areas close to Rugby.  It was pleasing to see them using their new skills at the Swift Valley Wednesday evening event.

Sue Bicknell’s weekly summer evening events have started with events at Brueton Park (Mike Hampton) and Swift Valley (Chris Dwyer).  I’m looking forward to each event as they continue through to August.

And Finally a note to let you know that the Club were asked by Coventry’s Lord Mayor, Jack Harrison, to nominate two representatives to attend a Black Tie Civic Dinner to recognise the contribution of sport to the success of the City.  It was nice that OD were invited, I mentioned this to Bob Carey from Sphinx AC who let it out that they had 6 places at the Dinner – maybe something for OD to aspire to…..

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob

(March 2010)

On Saturday I made a rare appearance at an OD Saturday informal event.  David Beal had done all the preparation work on the courses at Oversley, but who was going to be there to assist David and the newcomers to orienteering who would be coming along ?  Helping David on this Saturday was John Middler on parking, John Ward on registration and Phil Kirk on download.

How did I know there would be newcomers ?  Because Karin Kirk the Club Publicity and Promotion Officer had told me so.  Before each event Karin will send out information about the event to groups that operate close to the area who may be interested in having a go at orienteering.   As the morning progressed Karin became quite satisfied as she had succeed in attracting to the event a representative from each of the local schools and running clubs that she had targeted.  And Karin was on hand to ‘meet and greet’, not shy of grabbing a passing established Club member to pass on the orienteering basics.

Also ‘on duty’ at Oversley were Kath & John Wright, who are charged with the task of establishing a pool of Club members who may be called on by an event organiser (whether it be a Saturday,  Wednesday evening or Sunday event) to be on hand to provide some elementary support to those taking part in their first few events.  I’ve put my name down for the pool and will be ‘on hand’ at the final Saturday event of the series at Draycote on March 20th.

Hopefully this double-headed approach will help convert our ‘newcomers to orienteering’ to become ‘newcomers to Octavian Droobers’.

And we do seem to need more members …..  in time, to put on our events.  You may have noticed the cancellation of a proposed Sunday event at Kingsbury due to a lack of volunteers to put the event on.  The good news is that Richard Gardner has volunteered to become our Event Officials Officer.  Richard’s brief is to find planners, organisers and controllers for our Sunday events.  Please help Richard out and volunteer as an official for Burton Dassett on Sunday July 18th July.     All I need now is someone to volunteer to co-ordinate the Saturday events that restart in the Autumn.

Be aware that John Bowman spends a lot of his time establishing a programme of Sunday events, only last week he travelled to Stoke-on-Trent to attend a regional fixtures meeting whereby our proposed events for 2011 were merged with those of our neighbouring clubs to ensure an even spread avoiding clashes of dates and locality.

We have had continued success,  getting through to the CompassSport Cup Final.  A Captain’s job is never done.  Andy Emmerson job is this week busy getting relay teams together for the JK at Easter and the British Championships early in May. 

Our thanks are due, amongst others, to all mentioned above.  Also to Hilary Simpson and her friends for an enjoyable Club Christmas party…….  To Peter Guillaume, who  took us back to Woodcote for our Christmas relays….. to John Ward, Mike Hampton and David for putting on the Saturday events to date in 2010….. and to the membership for all your efforts in staging the regional event at Sutton Park on January 17th.  Tony Feltbower planned some testing courses on what was for many the first orienteering of the year given the conditions due to bad weather in the earlier weekends of the year. 

Traditionally a secret until the night, and with copy date two days beforehand, I ask the editor to “look away now”.  I can tell you that I am looking forward to the Droober Dinner at the end of this week when I am pleased that Iain Embrey will be passing on The Ted Norrish Trophy to Carolyn Marr in recognition of her hard work for the Club.  Well done Carolyn – hip hip !

Bob Brandon

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Chairman Bob

(January 2010)

As usual it's been a busy time within the Club over the past two months.  

Back in November Sheila & Peter Carey put on a Saturday event at popular Brandon Woods.  Then later in the month, at short notice, John Boden put on a well attended Saturday event at Charlecote.  In between Jules Simpson, Chris McCartney and Janet Richardson put on an excellent colour coded event at Hay Wood which was also first round of The Yvette Baker Trophy for the juniors.   Unfortunately one or two needed First Aid, I am told how impressive was the way that Liz Furness took charge and made sure they were taken off to A&E.

Having got through the first round with teams in first AND second place, the OD juniors went to Sussex early in December the for the Yvette Baker Final.  It was a privilege to be allowed to travel on the on the coach with such a focused set of orienteers - please read Andy Emmerson's report for detailed analysis of their success. 

Congratulations must go to John Ward for planning and organising the Club Championships at Itchington Holt.  I found this a delightful area which was discovered for us by Karin Kirk.

Championship trophies were presented at the well attended Christmas party which was  masterminded by Hilary Simpson.  The venue, albeit not necessarily cosy, does cater for our energetic juniors.

After Christmas we were to make a return to Leek Wootton for the Relays put on by Peter Guillaume (The Grandfather) and his team.  It was good to be back at Woodcote, though I did find it difficult to keep up.

I must apologise for us not winning the new year's day Laurie Bradley Trophy.  I could have got a few more controls had I not punched a second part control towards the end of my first circuit, hence me having to run quickly to map exchange.

On the Committee front we welcomed Sophie Kirk to the December meeting who joins Matt Morris as joint Junior rep.  Immediately we are grateful to Sophie for agreeing to put on in March the final Saturday event of the season at Draycote. 

The Club is desperate for new people to take on roles of event organiser and course planner.  To this end, Barry Elkington is to put on a couple of evenings early in the new year directed at those interested at putting events on, but not knowing how to go about it.

Whilst Karin (now a ‘Radio Star’) continues to promote orienteering, Kath and John Wright are looking into how we can support newcomers at our events. 

The third member of the Kirk family never wants to be left out of things, so Phil has taken on the role of dinner lady for 2010 and found us a new venue for the evening of March 5th.  The intention is that this will be an informal sociable evening whereby the only ceremony will be the presentation of the Ted Norrish Trophy to the person having given a significant service to Octavian Droobers.  The seven nominations reflect the work put in by so many.  I hope to see you there.

Bob Brandon

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