Club News by Karin Kirk


 England has won Interland 2011 in Germany this weekend thanks to terrific contributions from 6 club members. The 6 way event, between Germany, France, the Netherlands and two Belgian teams, was held at Lubbecke near Osnabruck in Germany on steeply forested terrain. 

Congratulations to silver medallist Sophie Kirk W20 on the 7k 275m climb course in a time of 1.04.21mins coming 2nd to England’s Lucy Butt. Bronze medals were awarded to 3 club runners: Aimee Morse W14, representing England for the first time, who clocked 39.03mins on the 3.2k 115 m climb course, Lesley Ross W40 6.8k 275m in 1.05.06mins and Sheila Carey W60 tying on 3rd place in 40.29mins on the 3.2k course with 115m climb. Robert Gardner M20 came 4th on the 8.7k 335m climb course in 1.03.35mins and Matt Elkington M16 was 7th on the 6.8k 275 climb course in 54.37mins.  

At the Welsh Championships this weekend in Swansea there were great performances by the winners of their courses: Anne Straube W35 in 61.27mins, Liz Phillips W45 in 68.39mins, Hilary Simpson W70 in 54.30mins and Trevor Simpson M70 in 50.38mins. 

Stephen Elkington was 2nd in 50.02mins and Tom Ross 3rd in 51.46mins on the M14 course. Harrison McCartney M14 competed on the M16 course coming in 2nd in 51.07mins. On the W16 course Tamsin Alcock was 2nd in 72.26mins and Elizabeth Davies 3rd 77.20mins. Elizabeth Furness was 3rd on the W55 course in 65.13mins. 

Julie Emmerson W16 won the Blue course in 59.53mins, Patrick Roddy M18 2nd in 61.00mins and Daniel Roth M40 was 3rd in 65.04mins. Helen Elkington W18 was 3rd on the Green course in 52.03mins and mother Mel W50 was 3rd on the Short Green course in 48.47mins. 

Several club members travelled to Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire and ran round the country park and amongst some good results Ella-Rose McCartney W12 scored well coming 3rd in 24.08mins on the 2.7k Orange course.

7th March 2011


The heavy rain on Sunday morning did not deter the 150 runners from around the West Midlands who participated in the league event near Baddesley Clinton organised by the Elkington family. It was pleasing to see so many new members running in their first league event amongst the 60 club members. 

On the short White 1.5k course, Leicester member Sian Edwards W10 came 1st in 19.59mins, 2nd Aoife Anson-O’Connell W10 22.34mins and 3rd Stanley Stringer M10 24.04mins. On the Yellow 2.5k course Ewan Lloyd M10 from Potteries Orienteering club came 1st in 23.29mins, 2nd Emanuel Betz M10 30.01mins and 3rd Sophie Grew W10 31.26mins. 

Heather Craig W12 from Walton Chasers was 1st on the Orange 2.8k course in 35.01mins, Annabel Rayner W14 2nd 37.41mins and Sophie Oliver W12 3rd 76.07mins. On the Light Green Course 3.5k Sue Hooper from Happy Herts W55 was 1st in 40.17mins, Elizabeth Davies W16 2nd 47.17mins and Peter Dunlos M21 3rd 55.10mins. 

The short Green 3.7k course was won by Anthony Walker M45 35.28mins, Ian Byrne M50 South Midlands was 2nd 56.16mins, and Alison Sloman W75 from Harlequins 3rd 56.20mins. 54 competitors battled it out on the Green 5k course and club chairman Robert Brandon M60 was 1st in 39.11mins, Suzanne Humphries W45 was 2nd 42.58mins and Guy Ross M16 3rd 44.55mins. The long Blue course 7.4k was won by Romualdas Stupelis M21 in 46.08mins, 2nd David Newell M50 51.14mins and David Williams M45 3rd 52.01mins all three of whom are members of Harlequins.  

At the twin peaks two day event in the Lake District Sheila Carey W65 came 1st on day 1 in the middle distance event at Bleathwaite and on Day 2 Mike Hampton M65 came 1st on the long distance event at Torver Bank. Hilary Simpson W70 achieved 2nd overall place after running in both events. 

The club wish the 6 club members: Aimee Morse W14, Matthew Elkington M16, Sophie Kirk W20, Robert Gardner M20, Lesley Ross W45 and Sheila Carey W65 representing England, every success for next weekend in the Interland competition in Germany.  

1st March 2011