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Captain's Corner 2013

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The OD Club Captain position is vacant following the 2012 AGM.  Anyone who cares to volunteer please contact the Chair. 

Co-ordination of entries for the JK Relays and the British Relays is not currently allocated.

The OD Vice Captain is Suzanne Humphries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suzanne co-ordinates the Compass Sport Cup, the Laurie Bradley Trophy and the West Midland Relays. 

Debbie Morse now co-ordinates the Yvette Baker Trophy and the Peter Palmer Relays - see the Juniors Corner of this website.

The Harvester entry is co-ordinated by whoever intends going and is prepared to take the lead - thanks to Matt Elkington for stepping up in 2012.

Photographic Policy

Given the public concern over the publication of photos containing juniors on websites, would all juniors and their parents/guardians please check they are happy with any photos in the Captain's Corner that feature them.  Please note that captions and accompanying articles can make it possible to link some names to images.  If anyone is concerned about photos relating to them please contact one of the above for resolution.


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