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Website Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the website:

  • If the text is too small, hold the Ctrl key then press and release the + key (plus sign). Repeat several times if it's still too small.
  • If the text is too big, hold the Ctrl key then press and release the - key (minus sign). Repeat several times if it's still too big.
  • To reset the text to the standard size, hold the Ctrl key then press and release the 0 key (number zero).
  • If the top menu does not work in your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 6 or certain mobile phones), try using the Site Map link which is located in the black footer bar of every page.
  • The Events Calendar is split into several categories. Depending on how you navigate to it, you may see a restricted set of categories. If you want to see all categories of events, use the All Categories... link from the Events Legend in the right hand column.
  • The Events Calendar has several different views. The See by Month link can be used to show a graphical calendar view of a particular month's events. See by Year or See by Categories can be used to see a list of events spanning several months.
  • The links to other websites that were on the top-level menu of the old website have been split between the External Links sub-menus in the Events and the News menus. The link for map printing is on the Members - Mapped Areas page.
  • The Photo Gallery is still under construction. If you spot any problems such as errors in the captions or would like a photo to be removed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • From 2011 onwards, the Event Results pages allow you to order the columns by clicking on the column headers. For example, clicking on Name will order the results by Name A-Z, clicking a 2nd time will order them Z-A.
  • From 2011 onwards, clicking the printer icon (top-right) on the Event Results pages opens a separate window containing just the results (no menus, photos, etc). Results can be copy-pasted into Word / Excel, etc as tables by highlighting the course(s) of interest. This can be done from both the normal and print views.
  • From 2011 onwards, the Event Results pages allow you to show only a subset of the results by using the  Search / filter all columns box. E.g. typing your name in will show only your result which can be useful if there are a lot of entrants. Typing a club name, e.g. OD, will show only entrants from that particular club. Entering an Age Class, e.g. M35, will show only entrants in that particular Age Class.
    To reset the filter to show all results, delete the text from the Search / filter all columns box.
  • The Search function in the right-hand column excludes pre-2011 results. Unfortunately it is only possible to search pre-2011 results by using site:octavian-droobers.org in a Google query rather than using the Search function built into the website.
  • As of 28th Sept 2011, the main search function includes events.
  • To save printer ink when printing details from the website, disable printing of background colours & images via Print - Page Setup in your browser menu.